Shri Guru Gita – Shiva teaches Parvati the Infinite Guru Glory

Shri Guru Gita – Shiva teaches Parvati the Infinite Guru Glory

What is Guru Gita?

And Goddess Parvati, Umakumari, Kundalini, the mother of the Bhagwati seekers, express their desire to know the Guruship from their Supreme Guru Lord Shiva. ” The Significance of Guru in life, the role of Guru, his real nature, and his mysterious qualities are mentioned inside Guru Gita.

In Guru Gita, Goddess Parvati, who herself is a Bhagwati Mahapavitra Kundalini Shakti, questions Lord Shiva.

Guru Gita Meaning

Lord Shiva is very pleased with this curiosity of Adishakti Parvati. Guru Gita is a lifeline for seekers.

On the curiosity of Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva explains to them the importance of Guru and the secret of Guru Gita.

This rare dialogue is in the Uttarkhand of Skandpurana, in which the glory of the Guru is described.

It has around 182 verses. The importance of Sadguru is described in detail.

The Guru Shishya tradition has been on earth for centuries. Guru Gita is narrated by dedicating itself to Guru.

Guru Gita is the best means of cultivation for the disciple. This is the ultimate nectar for seekers.

Mantrupa is the one word of Guru Gita, which appeared in dialogue form with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Adishakti Bhuvaneshwari Maa Parvati, being a disciple, questions Lord Shiva with curiosity and Mahadev resolves them as a Guru.

This is an ancient secret method of making sense of Gurutva. In its entire verses, Gurutva has been realized. Guru Gita is a secret genre.

Guru Gita Benefits

In this, Mother Jagdamba Parvati, as a disciple, requests Trilokapati Shiva that God should give you Gurudiksha,

By becoming my Guru and tell that which is the path that makes a living being Shiva and Brahma Swaroop.

Please give me the knowledge here.

Here the omniscient Pardhini Kundalini Bhagwati herself has become a disciple and Mahakal Shiva has become a Guru.

Lord Shiva replies that hey! Beautiful, this is your question for the welfare of the whole world – its answer is also rare in all the three worlds.

Hey! There is no essence other than Goddess Sadguru. Guru is the Brahman.

Whatever the discipline, it is incomplete without a teacher. Only the Guru can explain that esoteric knowledge.

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