Human towards friendship with God

Human towards friendship with God

Human beings are free to become anything.

He can make life supernatural by the power of his power.

He can go to heaven by his power, or go to the abyss.

The abode of God is within every human, but man does not want to try to recognize the power inside him.
He destroys his whole life after eating, drinking, wandering, desires.

One spends his family life realizing that his life’s purpose has been fulfilled. But look around, animals are also doing the same thing. They too are lost in their respective worlds. But there is something that makes humans different from others. That is, only human beings in the world can know the power inside them. It is a human who can experience his union with God.

That is why human life has been achieved so that we know who we are. What is The thinking of a true human being is to think about what role do I have on this earth? Who am I Why have I come? Who’s gonna make me? If a human is not the knowledge of his power, his soul even after coming to this world, if his life is limited to enjoy, eat and drink with family, then he is not a true human. His rare human life is meaningless.

The main purpose of human life is to attain God by introducing his soul. The happiness that we seek outside will be the ultimate pleasure within us. But we do the opposite. Sow the seeds of sorrow and wish for happiness. No matter how much happiness, pleasure, fun, wealth, business, the family take part in the human being, but in the end, does he get real happiness, pleasure? Can all these not make us feel permanent happiness !! The character of man’s life is to expand desires. Whatever the needs of man are fulfilled, his world of desires also grows rapidly. It seems less is available. If there is a small car, then you need a big one, if you have one lakh, you want five lakh. The world of man’s desire grows. Never be satisfied. But all these external pleasures are not permanent.

Without the experience of the soul, all our material pleasures are useless, all our attainments are zero. All of these have value only when a man gets the pleasure of the soul. The happiness that a man seeks outside is present inside us. The happiness inside is true and permanent. Without self-meditation, without true spiritual practices, nothing is going to get happiness. This external world is very beautiful to see, but there is no permanent happiness here, everything is going to be destroyed. The beauty that is today is old age, today is earning; tomorrow you have to go empty-handed. Everything is perishable.

In history, such a great warrior king- Maharaja came and went, nothing is known. Man’s inner soul is eternal. Nothing happens without turning to your soul, without practices of cultivation. Only one thing will be received – death! A man spends his time in youth in fun, eating, drinking, sleeping, indulgence, the fulfillment of desires. But when he grows old and tired, then he thinks about God. But what was the benefit at that time ??

Human towards friendship with God

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  1. Urvashi Thakur

    Yes ,human being desires is unlimited even if they have wealth they want more but very few people think to help others .I think it is important to do karma because at the end people are not going to take their wealth with them after their death and we all should change our prospective towards our thoughts🙄☺️

  2. Arvind Tyagi

    All our sufferings will come to an end the moment we truly realise that only God is our true friend & companion who accompanies us always, no matter which self created misery we are in. We just need to surrender to God and walk onto the path of His devotion.
    Great article!

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