Mind- Even the Hidden Enemy of Human and the Greatest Friend

Mind- Even the Hidden Enemy of Human and the Greatest Friend

Can we control our mind by love, meditation, spirit? Are you a good mind reader?

How can we control the human mind?

What is Mind?

Whatever thoughts grow in our minds, we consider them to be our world, for the time being, we become like that. We create our own mind map.

  If we turn this mind into God, then it becomes the cause of fortune. We can have infinite pleasures.

The spirit resides inside every living being. Which is called Jeevatma (Soul) in Hindi (Meaning of jeevatma) The mind is also our best friend and the biggest enemy.

We try to know the soul inside us through many types of practices and systems.

But the biggest obstacle in getting close to the soul, knowing it – is our mind

The mind hides our true nature from our conscience.

He puts a kind of cover over it and covers it.

The mind keeps showing us a different world. He tries to convince us again and again. This is mind power

That the attainment of God is far away, and the pleasure we are looking for will be found only in the outer world.

But this is where the mind game begins, the mind that takes us away from the soul,

He also introduces us to him.

Our ancient sages – who were constantly engaged in finding a definition of mind and were full of real psychology,

It was concluded that the mind is the cause of Human’s Crisis,

And this is also the means for its uplift and liberation.

Mind is the cause of happiness and sorrow.

There is no friend pure and great from the heart, and there is no greater enemy than this.

There is a lot to be learned in this elusive world, the scriptures are full.

But if something is truly worth learning or knowing, it is the mind.

The mind is called the soul of our body.

To know the soul it is necessary to keep the mind friendly,

The mind performs its work through the soul.

The human mind, despite being very close to the soul, always runs towards the outside world. The mind does not realize that it is so close to the soul. You can call it to mind psychology.

Always focuses on external objects. Therefore, he keeps wandering forever instead of being static.

He forgets his proximity to the soul and loses his influence and glory.

He destroys his ability to illuminate the light of the soul. Even after this, when we start meditating, the mind slowly starts to become established in the difference and gradually becomes calm.

After a long period of practice, when the mind begins to attain complete stability, then we become aware of the true nature of the soul, we begin to experience the light of the soul.

Yoga and meditation have arisen to calm the mind, to make him thoughtless, and to make him worthy that he recognizes his goal and sees his source.

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