About Samadhi

There are many types of conditions described in Yoga. All practices should be easy. Meditating dogmatically, meditating, going to Samadhi is neither natural nor right.If we forcefully increase any kind of cultivation, then it is not a special thing. He is deceived in the name of a real Samadhi. Many types of seekers continue their compound practice with this deception.

This type of Samadhi requires special practice. Whereas in contrast real Samadhi does not have to depend on any method etc.

Humans happily complete their daily practices and programs with love with pleasure. His food-drinking, waking-sitting, sleeping-waking is easy without any effort.

In the same way, contemplating and sympathetically meditating on your God is a state of easy Samadhi. Human beings have a different perception of their subject.

Whether they are businessmen, scientists, engineers, teachers, they all consider themselves to be this. This is the innate understanding inside them, which always keeps them in mind.

Eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, awake, doing any work all the time, they have knowledge of this understanding.

In the same way, once we become aware of our true nature by Gurukripa, then that understanding develops in us, and the outer fake understanding is removed.

The Samadhi that is born of knowledge, meditation, and gurukripa is supernatural, it is easy yoga. In this way, it keeps on developing daily. On the other hand, the Samadhi achieved by sweating, through hard work, through tedious activities, is not so accessible.

To get to God one should take the easy path. It is a good way to forget oneself and join it.

samadhi position


We have to first know how to achieve the state of easy Samadhi. Divinities like Shri Guru only have that method and can provide it to whosoever comes in their refuge.

A smooth state can be attained without the hard practices of hard work, by the grace of Sri Guru. We can see God by the grace of great saints, perfect men.

Humans are always immersed in his false importance, so it becomes difficult to understand who he is, what is his true nature.

As a result, he always wanders in search of something. Goes away from his goal, and all his hard work goes in vain.

When a person loses after exhausting all efforts, then gradually his importance is destroyed, from that moment the time to attain God begins.

His efforts, his pride are all missed, and then he starts approaching God. When we are no longer lost in him, I start to understand him, then we take the right step towards attaining God.

The time we forget ourselves and meditate on it, where nothing happens except a silence, our fate starts to shine.

The true bliss of Gurukripa begins. I forget and drown in that state of simple true Samadhi. That is the true form.