The Truth of Human life- The knowledge of the Soul in the Heart

The Truth of Human life- The knowledge of the Soul in the Heart

Where is Human going?

Where has he come from and what to do?

Human himself is the Truth but has forgotten his purpose, Aim goal.

Now the time has come to return to the highway.

This highway and nobody is the inner path inside the human.

One who leads a human to his true nature, goes in search of him.

Since ancient times, the human has been engaged in the search for truth,

The truth that he is looking for is already in the form of a soul within him,

The Param is situated as Chiti.
The moment a human recognizes the beauty inside him, the light of his soul,

When we find out, we also recognize him in the world around us.

We see him in every color of nature, our friends in nature,

Family members are also able to see in unknown people and in worldly activities.

The Truth of Human life- The knowledge of the Soul in the Heart

When a human recognizes that ecstasy of his difference, finds the origin of that true love,

Then Human truly finds true humanity as well.

There is a lot of progress in the world at this time, but in which direction?

People talk of reforms, but play with the environment.

We are spoiling our family life by taking it in the wrong direction,

They are destroying brotherhood. Rioting, fighting, theft, immorality everywhere! There is an atmosphere of tension between all countries.

Castes, politicians are engaged in mutual disharmony among society.

The world should give us a true understanding of humanity and we need such a thing.

Followers of almost all religions of the world have told free speech that there is nothing above human.

According to religious mythology and evolution of nature, human body is attained after passing through eighty-four million vagaries.

Eighty-four million vagrants are penetrated.
Initially man .. Even after getting man’s vagina, by nature animal remains.

Because of this, he suffers from many types of lust, temptation, attachment, ego and desires.

The lack of self-purification is evident.

The rites of many previous births revolve.

At the root of these sanskars are the incomplete desires of our senses.

Therefore, first of all it is very important for the human to clean and clean the mind from the world of these desires.

For this, many types of means such as yoga, meditation, etc. can be taken. Selfless deeds have to be done for this.

The desire that will be for the world, not by doing it for oneself, will be flawless action. It is from here that the mind is purified.

Human beings are always immersed in the spirit of fighting fights and competition rather than living in love with each other.

The Truth of Human life- The knowledge of the Soul in the Heart

He behaves in the absence of a true understanding. Do not know the true understanding of yourself.

Cannot understand the greatness hidden in his heart,

And drowned in these petty thoughts that he is modest,

Weak, weak. But if man has greatness inside himself,

If you see the divinity, then you will know that the greatness and beauty of the whole world is in its difference.

Nothing is divine beyond him.

Today, scientists from other western countries are also knowing the truth which the great sages of India have known to yogis for thousands of years that there is only one power which is all Is spread across the world.

These ancient yogis of ours have given the name of this power to God or Chitti. We are all forms of this mind

And are not separate from each other, and are not different from God.
If we plant a mango orchard, we get mangoes and not apple or pineapple. Similarly, what is born of God is a divine part,

Nothing different than that. But we are unable to realize this and we change our understanding of ourselves.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have lost our understanding. We are segregating ourselves into different parts.

Blonde-black, black-white, male-female, doctor, engineer, businessman, etc. We have this feeling that we belong to this religion, belong to that religion, are rich, are poor, are American, or are of Arab. But we forgot that there is only one truth in our difference. The origin of all of us is the same seed – and that seed is divine. Our worldly roles are different. By forgetting these roles, if we go to greatness inside ourselves, then we will understand that we ourselves are divine.

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