Urvashi Apsara – The Conditional Love Story

Urvashi Apsara – The Conditional Love Story

About Urvashi Apsara

Human is the most beautiful creation of God. This story is about the time when Human life on earth started. In the kingdom called Pratishthapur, a majestic king named Il was ruling. King Il was a very courageous and mighty king. Once upon a time, Goddess Parvati spent some time with Lord Shiva in one place. Parvati said that the woman will influence this place, whoever comes here will become a woman. It was a game of King Il to reach that place. She became a woman as soon as she went there. Upon praying to Parvati, Parvati made him male again.

King Il had to spend six months as a woman. There was no place for them. The mind of Mercury fell on Ila and Pururava was born with the union of Ila and Mercury. Maharaj Puru was also as brave as his father. Indra used to come to the deity to ask for help from him.

Who was Urvashi Apsara?

Once Maharaja Puru was sitting in Indra’s gathering enjoying the songs, music, and dancing that his heart fell on the nymph named Urvashi. And that’s how Story of Urvashi Apsara started

He was fascinated by that and offered Urvashi to walk the earth with him. Indra also got confused after hearing all this. Nymph of heaven and on earth !! But none of the gods, including Indra, had the courage to refuse King Puru’s proposal. So everyone agreed. No deity had the courage to refuse it.

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The Three Conditions of Urvashi

Urvashi was also in trouble. Where are the pleasures of heaven and the joys and sorrows of the earth? In the same situation, she finally agreed to walk on the earth with King Puru. Urvashi Apsara kept three conditions from King Puru. The first condition is that she will always drink ghee. The second condition is that she will keep two sheep with her, which will never be separated from her. The third condition is that she will not see any nude of King Puru except her bed.

Urvashi Apsara husband

Urvashi Apsara’s husband’s name was Puru. He accepted these minor conditions. He was willing to do anything to get Urvashi. At that time, he had accepted all the conditions. Here Urvashi Apsara also made it clear that if one of these conditions is broken, she will go back to heaven.

Well both of them came from heaven to earth. The life of both of them began to reap. All the subjects of the state were in bliss by this wonderful coincidence. Four years passed in this love conversation. But on the other side, there was an atmosphere of sadness in Inderlok. There was a strange silence in Devaloka as if a precious thing had been snatched away. All the meetings had become colorless, uninteresting.

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As if Urvashi Apsara was no more, all of them had become weak. In Indralok, the same thing arose in everyone’s mind that how to bring Urvashi back to heaven from the earth?
On the other hand, Urvashi did not lack any kind on earth. King Puru had subdued him with his true love. Actually, the gods in heaven were missing a huge lack of Urvashi.

Urvashi leaves King Puru

Because on many occasions he used this infallible weapon even on his enemies. Used as a trick to win. So all the gods etc. Indra thought of a way to break the conditions of Urvashi Apsara and one day when King Puru was sleeping with Urvashi at night, Gandharvas picked up a sheep tied to their bed, but Raja Puru lay down comfortably. Then the Gandharvas also stole the other sheep. Meanwhile, Urvashi got sleepy after hearing the noise and at that moment she asked the king to bring her sheep back.

Seeing the anguish of his beloved wife, King Puru was also angry. It was night time, as he lay in a naked state, he got up and ran and brought back the sheep with his might.
But the game of gods begins now, as the king Puru takes sheep and comes to Urvashi, the gods cleverly lighten them with deceit. In the light of that lightning, Urvashi Apsara sees the naked body of the king, and the condition is violated.

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The trick of the gods works and Urvashi leaves King Puru in the same way and goes straight from the sky to heaven.
Now King Puru burns in the fire of Viruh. Their life becomes uninteresting. They keep wandering in the forest, mountains, etc. One day in Mansarovar, he saw that Urvashi Apsara was enjoying the form of laughing in the lake with her friends.

Raja Puru immediately recognized him and requested him to forget everything and go back. But Urvashi reminded him of the condition, and now that I am compelled, after death, you are sure to come to heaven, so there is a possible meeting. Here is the time of your union with me on earth. So, do not be sad but be happy.

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